Are Gear Heads A Thing Of The Past?

  Are cars loosing their edge compared with computers and communications?  Tune in all week for updates on the changing face of technology in your vehicle.


Road Trip ATO – On da Island

Jeep long island road trip across the ocean

So, we made it!  The Jeep was there a week before us and had been moved from the dock to a patch of sand underneath a ficus tree at G & G Shipping. Now, I know that we are used to house plants called ficus trees, but this tree had been planted on the island over-top of an old water …


Road Trip Across The Ocean

Jeep to Florida Road Trip ft lauderdale Lousiana

It all began with a rented U-haul trailer. We loaded up my rather old, beater of a Jeep Cherokee and took off from Texas, through Louisiana, another state that I slept through, then Georgia and ultimately a very long trek down to Fort Lauderdale through Florida. Now, keep in mind that I am rather old and really have no business …


Tips for keeping your car clean

By guest blogger Kevin Pearson with Pearson’s Carpet Care There’s nothing worse than buying a new car and realizing a couple of weeks later it is already filthy. Food and drinks get spilt, the dog rides with you, kids are sweaty when getting picked up from ball practice and then bam your car is dirty.  By maintaining the appearance of …