How can I drive my car for over 200,000 miles? #1

A lot of people in Texas have older vehicles. They’re good commuters, grocery-getters or toy-haulers. They enjoy that fact that they’re paid off, or soon will be. They would gladly like to keep their vehicles for 200,000 miles or more – as long as it’s economical to do so.

There are plenty of people in Humble whose vehicles are running after 150,000 or 200,000 miles. We can learn from what they’re doing to keep our own cars on the road.

So, how do you do this? Why does one car end up in the scrap heap before 100,000 miles and another one seem to live forever?

It is really simple – MAINTENANCE!

Here is the first and easiest maintenance item that will help keep your vehicle running safely and dependably for years to come. Want to know the rest? Just come back to the site to read the rest of the series. You can subscribe on the form to the right if you would like to be notified as the rest of the articles are posted.

 Number 1.     Oil Changes

A common denominator is that they never skip an oil change. That may sound a bit unsophisticated, but it’s really not. First off, oil is the life blood of your engine and it needs to be clean to properly lubricate. Skipping oil changes leads to clogged oil filters and sludge that can damage your engine. Enough said.

There’s another reason why the scheduled oil change is so important. It’s simple – it is important to have a professional look at your car. All of your fluid levels need to be inspected and topped off so they won’t get so low that damage can be done. If there is a significant fluid loss, let’s use brake fluid as an example, your technician can look for the cause of the loss and find the problem before it leads to an accident or costly repair.

Your technician will also visually inspect the vehicle for worn belts and hoses, uneven tire wear, leaking shock absorbers and more. Problems get addressed before they lead to repairs that cost more than the car’s worth. And your service advisor will be able to remind you of other services that the factory recommends you get done.

Just think of that oil change the same way as you do about going to the dentist for your six month cleaning and checkup. Don’t skip it.

Of course, good maintenance costs money, but it’s far cheaper than new car payments.

More to come!  Just come back to the site anytime you want or you can subscribe on the form to the right if you would like to be notified as the rest of the articles are posted.

Happy driving,

Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady


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