Is it bad to top off your tank?

Don't top off your tank. Photo of fuel nozzle.Is it bad to top off your tank? Yes.

Ok, I am done. Just take my word for it, you don’t want to top off your tank.

Well fine, I can give you some reasons. Actually the newest, most shocking reason that I just ran across is because topping off your tank can cause CANCER!

For years we have know that continuing to pump after the fuel nozzle at the station clicks off can damage the vehicles vapor recovery system.  It has been happening for years and can cost some money to fix. It has been the reason that we have discouraged the top off trend.

But, CANCER! Well according to the EPA and the President’s Cancer Panel: A small fuel spill or damage to the vapor recovery system can allow toxic chemicals such as cancer-causing benzene to come into contact with your skin or get into your lungs.

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