Planning for Your Summer Road Trip

Posted on March 25, 2011, 4:36 pm, by That Car Lady

While it may seem early (yes, I know it’s only Spring), now is a great time to start planning for a summer road trip.
Here are some things you can do now to make things smoother on the road and at your destination:
– Do any needed car repairs now. This way you will know that your vehicle is ready for the long haul.
– Research hotels and attractions along the way. Many offer discounts for advance reservations or purchase of tickets.
– Look for deals on your summer gear. Stores are beginning to put out summer merchandise. Watch for sales in the next couple of   months to get the best prices on things you will need.
– Line up travel partners. Now is the time to invite people you want to include in your adventure.
– Pick your tunes. Begin loading up your music player with road trip music. You may also want to get a car charger.

Now, go have some fun on your summer vacation!
Lynn Beckwith, “That Car Lady”


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