Road Trip Across The Ocean

Jeep to Florida Road Trip ft lauderdale Lousiana

It all began with a rented U-haul trailer. We loaded up my rather old, beater of a Jeep Cherokee and took off from Texas, through Louisiana, another state that I slept through, then Georgia and ultimately a very long trek down to Fort Lauderdale through Florida.

Now, keep in mind that I am rather old and really have no business driving straight through for 1100 miles, but the Jeep was packed full of all the things needed to survive some time on a rather small island for a few weeks this summer.  Some fun things, some necessary things, and frankly I just did not want to make another 5 trips to Wal-Mart to replace everything if it got stolen in a roadside hotel.  So, drive on . . . all the way (save a 4 hour sleep in a very nice Florida rest stop).  There was a boat waiting.  A boat headed to Long Island – not the New York City one, but a small island about 300 miles South and East of Florida – Long Island, Bahamas.  And even on Bahamian time, the boat usually left the day it was scheduled to.

So, this Jeep is 16 years old with over 200,000 miles and I started to wonder if it was worth all of this trouble.  It had served as our shop shuttle and could only boast of excellent maintenance as the poor girl has really been driven a lot.

A Jeep on a journey!  More to come . . .

Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady


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