Road Trip ATO – Is That An Aligator on The Road?

Pork Skins On A Road Trip

Just Can't Travel With Out The Right Snack

There is a lot of freeway between Humble, Texas and South Florida.  As we continue the state side portion of our “Road Trip Across The Ocean” there is a single striking image that stands out.   There was an alligator on the side of the road in Louisiana.   Yep, that’s what I said – “A freakin’ alligator on the side of the road!”  Here we are tooling down the freeway and just barely out of the line of traffic is an alligator the size of a large man.  And, guess what came just a few hundred yards later . . . a rest stop that you can let your children and pets out of the car to run around and play at.  Something just does not seem right about that picture.  If you learn nothing else from my incredible journey be certain:  DO NOT STOP AT LOUISIANA REST STOPS!

So, on with the Jeep Journey.  Miles and miles of concrete later, we made it to the docks and provided the ream of paperwork that we hoped would allow the soon to be famous Jeep to clear customs both here in the United States and when it reached the beach.

That lil’ old woman of a Jeep with a bright orange Kayak on top was packed full of Cliff Bars, peanuts, some water shoes, and of course – a Frisbee!

“b goan t da Bahamas mon”

Hope we make it there too!

That Car Lady,  Lynn Beckwith


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