Are We Headed “Back to the Future”?

photo of DeLorean the Back to the Future car witha flux capacitorCars have been trying to go Green for years and it seems that the closer we get to energy efficiency – the further back we roll with manufacturers bringing out everything from hybrids to solar powered wagons. Sometimes it seems that the only way to get a truly green vehicle is . . . with a can of paint!

This is one lady who wants more! How about a flux capacitor? Well, it’s not really a flux capacitor, but DeLorean Motor Company, right here in our own home town of Humble, is still powering up the original, eyebrow and door raising hunks of stainless steel that were first showcased in the 80’s film Back to the Future. They are working with Epic Electric Vehicles to produce an all electric DMC-ev that could be yours for a mere $90,0000 or so in 2013. Try saving enough in gasoline to pay for that!

Electricity is just one of a myriad of gas saving options that vehicle manufacturers are pushing our way. Saving gasoline is the focus of almost every vehicle on the market. Manufacturers are creating new technology and coining new names for old technology every year.

What is the best way to determine the green technology of the future? This ever changing field is hard to navigate as evidenced by the 2011 pick for Green Car of the Year – The Honda Civic Natural Gas. It usurped the Chevy Volt from it’s politically achieved spot on the list in 2010. “It was recognized for its excellent fuel efficiency and the cleanest running internal combustion engine ever certified by the EPA” – Green Car Journal. The problem is: Where do you fill it up? Maybe the government could have used some of the money it gave GM for something more productive, huh?

If the flux capacitor will give me over 40 mpg and a whole lot of horsepower then it has my vote. It will be awhile for that one, in the meantime we will keep up to date on all of the exciting new developments in our industry!

Happy driving – Lynn Beckwith


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