Crazy Laws That Will Drive You Mad

photo of wierd traffic sign stating "red light running special enforcement zone"It does not take a legal degree to recognize how ludicrous some of our laws are – especially when it comes to rules of the road. Good thing too, ‘cuz I sure don’t have one. These crazy traffic laws have not been documented, so forgive me in advance if they are wrong. Either way they are pretty funny.

Let us start off with this one because I think our politicians have way too many privileges already. In Georgia the members of the state assembly cannot be ticked for speeding while the state assembly is in session. Wonder if they have figured out a way to drive government issued cars while they are speeding?

On to the beautiful mid-west: One small town in Iowa has banned the ice cream man. I wonder if that conflicts with child abuse or abandonment laws. It just seems UN-American to grow up without chasing down the ice cream truck. Perhaps we should watch for a crop of serial killers out of Iowa in a few years?

In Wichita, Kansas before you precede through one particular intersection you are required to get out of your vehicle and fire three rounds from your shot gun. Gee, I thought Texan’s loved their guns. No, I am not telling you what intersection it is. Seems like a lot more fun for you to drive through Kansas and find out for yourself!

Taxi drivers in Massachusetts are not allowed to make love in their front seats during their shifts. It did not mention the back seat (OOOOH Yuck!).

Then moving on to Montana you are not allowed to have sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone . . . I don’t know if it is the same reason they monitor the taxi drivers in Massachusetts!

Tennessee is not as risqué, but states that driving is not to be done while asleep.(Kind of like the “don’t wear a blindfold” law in Alabama) Also, if your wife wants to drive a car then you (or some other man) must run or walk in front of it waving a red flag to warn of her approach.

And the one that takes the CRAZY ROAD RULE prize is that you cannot drive your black car on Sundays in Denver, Colorado. I wonder if people buy less black cars because of it? My guess is that most Denverians have no idea the law exists.

Do you know of any other CRAZY ROAD RULES? Send me your comments or emails!

Happy driving,

Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady

Take a look at Jonathon York’s rant One For The Road to read about open container laws. And Simon Diggler’s Bizarre Traffic Laws From Around the World to further sooth your penchant for driving trivia. Barbara Fortin has a great list of Crazy Traffic Laws that you will have to see to believe.


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