Crazy Rules of the Road

Crazy Rules of the Road

By That Car Lady, Lynn Beckwith

It does not take a legal degree to recognize how ludicrous some of our laws are – especially when it comes to rules of the road. Good thing too, ‘cuz I sure don’t have one. These crazy traffic laws have not been documented, so forgive me in advance if they are wrong. Either way they are pretty funny.

From farmland to beef steaks, Texas is renowned for being big, downright huge by many standards. It is the largest state geographically; larger than some countries and now it can also brag at having the largest speed limits in the country. The speed limit on a stretch of highway The Texas 130 Tollway between Austin and San Antonio will be a whopping 85mph when it opens in November of this year. It is rivaled only by the German Autobahn that has no set limit, but suggests 81. What is the motivation? Unfortunately, you guessed it right – its money! TxDot’s contract with the Spanish toll road company Cintra was boosted by $100 million as a reward for the higher speed limit. Guess that means it will have a higher toll too!

Moving through the south we come to Georgia. Our politicians have way too many privileges already, and in Georgia the members of the state assembly are even immune from speeding tickets. Perhaps they should raise their speed limit too. The congressmen cannot be ticked for speeding while the state assembly is in session. Wonder if they have figured out a way to drive government issued cars while they are rushing through the roads?

On to Iowa and the beautiful mid-west: One small town banned the ice cream man. It seems simply Un-American to grow up without chasing down the ice cream truck.

Taxi drivers in Massachusetts are not allowed to make love in their front seats during their shifts. It did not mention the back seat (OOOOH Yuck!).

Then moving on to Montana you are NOT allowed to have sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone . . . I don’t know if it is the same reason they monitor the taxi drivers in Massachusetts!

Tennessee is not as risqué, but bans driving while you are asleep. (Kind of like the “don’t wear a blindfold” law in Alabama) Also, if your wife wants to drive a car then you (or some other man) must run or walk in front of it waving a red flag to warn of her approach.

While we all realize that some laws become a little outdated and still sit on the books, Wichita, Kansas takes the Crazy Road Rule prize. When you stop at one particular intersection you are required to get out of your vehicle and fire three rounds from your shot gun. Gee, I thought Texan’s loved their guns. No, I am not telling you what intersection it is. Seems like a lot more fun for you to drive through Kansas and find out for yourself!

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