CureFest 2012 comes to Humble Texas on July 28th

Colby, Phil and Misty Baumann who are fighting Phil's glioblastoma multiforme with the help of an entire community.Please join me at CureFest 2012. Schedule a road trip from wherever and  join us at this all day long music festival with a cause. Please take a moment to read about my dear brother Phil whose determination is mobilizing an entire community!

Inspiration. CureFest was hatched from the spirit and determination that we have seen in a local man, Phil Baumann. Last September Phil was diagnosed with what is frequently considered an incurable form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme – GBM. It is a disease that over the last several decades has frequently not been treatable. As a long standing business man in the Humble community Phil had hundreds of friends and supporters who encouraged him through his diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to advances at MD Anderson Phil received the most progressive surgeries and treatment that is available.

A short walk through the halls at MD Anderson will fill you with hope. Despite the pain and suffering associated with cancer, the staff and patients at MD Anderson have joined forces to create a cheerful and supportive atmosphere that aids healing and stimulates an accelerated research program that is working towards the cure of this awful disease.

The big picture. While at MD Anderson Phil, just 47 years old, and his friends and family discovered that GBM brain cancer is no longer a disease that primarily effects the elderly. Developing close friendships with many people suffering from brain and other cancers including 25 year old Caleb Kidd who was also receiving treatment for a GBM spurred the family to work towards funding research for this underfunded disease. Brain cancer is the most underfunded cancer and has begun to effect larger numbers and younger patients.

Research. CureFest is all about research. Research requires money. That means we all need your help. The Brain Cancer Research Team at MD Anderson has been quietly working behind the scenes this last decade on a modified virus that shows great potential and has recently been approved for human clinical trials. The short of it is that they need money to prove and refine their findings so that these new treatments can be extended to everyone affected by this disease. There has already been success against this previously deadly disease.

Please Give. In the world of cancer money equals research, research equals treatments and cures. Please reach into your heart (and your wallet) to donate whatever amount you can. You can donate silent and live auction items, you can use your credit card to donate from, you can volunteer to help at the event. We welcome and need your support.

Please Attend. Please come to CureFest 2012 at the Humble Civic Arena for a day of family fun and music and share your love with many amazing people from performers to patients who are fighting for a cure. July 28th, Noon until 11pm, Humble Civic Arena.

Please Spread the Word. Help us spread the word about this amazingly exciting day. Share our sites through social media like facebook Invite your friends and family. You can pre-purchase tickets for individuals, families or groups at

Thank you!

The friends and family of Phil Baumann, Team Phil.



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  1. Arlene Upshaw

    It is an inspiration to see something like this being put together. I am extremely grateful for your dedication and hard work towards this event. My daughter, Tiffiany Campbell Pierott (also of Humble) died on Aug 1, 2002 of GBM, she was only 25. She volunteered as a case study for future cure of GBM. This past year my brother-in-law Danny was just diagnosed as well. My heart and prayers go out to all those who are suffering through this. I pray that with supports like this the cure will be found soon. Our family will be there. Thanks so much.

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