Fiat 500L Review by John Miller

John Miller and I were recently invited to the Houston roll out of the brand new Fiat 500L. After a thorough presentation by the Fiat executives that covered everything from technical changes to marketing efforts we hopped in for a quick spin around the Katy freeway. The Fiat 500L was significantly more spacious than expected. 10% bigger than the Ford Focus and almost 20% larger than the Fiat 500C. It will fit the bill for many families looking for unique style options and a good balance of economy and sportiness.

The Fiat 500L by John Miller

The new 500L is a 5 door version of the popular Italian import that Fiat hopes will allow them to get a better penetration into the young family car buying market.

The base 500, a cute 2 door mini car has been very popular for the last 3 years, reaching a broad demographic of buyers. 55% of the purchasers are male, and more than half are from the Boomer generation. The new 5 door 500L should be able to attract younger small families and more suburban drivers who need the extra space offered in the 500L.

The car comes with one power option, a 4 cylinder, 1.4 liter turbocharged engine producing 160 horsepower. There are 2 transmissions to select from, the standard 6 speed manual, or the European dual clutch auto stick. A fully automatic transmission is promised in the future.

The car is quick and nimble making it fun to drive. Fiat wanted to retain the sporty European feel and did a good job increasing the car size without sacrificing the fun.

Other options include the Beat radio system, navigation, back up camera and heated leather seats.

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Pricing starts at $19,100 for the base 500L Pop model and goes up to a little over $26,000 on the loaded Lounge option. Fiat expects the Trekking edition to the most popular of the selections. The Trekking model includes upgraded trim, 6 speed manual transmission with the option to have the dual clutch semi automatic and a list of other options including dual zone air conditioning. This model will price from $20,195 to $25,295.

My personal opinion is go with the 6 speed manual transmission. The European semi automatic is too reminiscent of the Smart car jerky clutch operation.


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