Innovative Technicians

Having spent the last quarter of a century working with the outstanding individuals who call themselves mechanics I humbly submit a new tag, title, epithet and identity for these superstars – “luminary,” “artiste”, and even “genius” have crossed my simple mind, but none rings truer than “WIZARD!”    These specialists have astounded me at every curve in the road with their ingenuity, character and the dedication they maintain in approaching training, tools and technology in the constantly changing automotive industry.

Today’s example of the profound creativity of these Automotive Wizards is exemplified by Charles Archer.

Charles Archer technician

Prior to knee surgery Chuck continued to  hobble through his days on a wounded knee fixing more vehicles than the average technician would dream of.

Since surgery he has contributed to our productivity with coaching from afar -via phone.

Back in the shop his Jack-Stand Modified Wheel Chair has him causing his own brand of four wheeled trouble.

Thanks to all the amazing technicians in this industry. It is my pleasure and joy to work with you!


Lynn Beckwith

That Car Lady, KPRC 950AM

Beckwith’s Car Care


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