stocking stuffer ideas men

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

stocking stuffer ideas men

With a shop full of manly men to poll, it seemed the perfect opportunity to ask “What would you like to find in your Christmas stocking this year?”  Now, decades of working with these men should have primed me for their responses – but, nevertheless I asked. After charging down slightly paved roadways filled with Pamela Anderson and the two Kates (Upton and Beckinsale) we slowed our engines to discuss the little “special somethings” that Santa might actually fit inside their hanging socks.

So… I give you a short list of ideas, right from the daydreaming minds of car guys:


Flashlights – have topped the list and intrigued most every man I’ve ever known. You simply cannot place one in your hand without flipping the switch. The ones that have multiple functions and flash are even better. Coming in a wide variety of colors, styles and functions you will find one that fits his stocking and your budget.  Price range from $2 to $300.

Pocket Knife – tools of inherited masculinity, these sometimes small utensils represent a coming of age, a rite of passage that Grandpa or Dad commemorated with the passed down gift of their own favorite knife.  Surrounded in this pseudo genetic magic any and all pocket knives forever hold wonder for the American male. You cannot go wrong or to wild with this purchase – pocket knives are the equivalent of a woman’s Coach Purse.  Price range $20 to ?

Tiny Tipple – confused? A quick stop at your local liquor supply will provide a myriad of tiny bottles of booze from which to choose. From orange moonshine to traditional Jack; pick two, one you know he loves and one that is just for fun. If you plan ahead you can even have the labels customized – online or with your own printer. Price range from $1 to way more, with way more being collectible bottles or exclusive lines.

Sheeple Temple – Yes, I checked the I-pad Mini will indeed fit – Santa may need to stuff and stretch that sock a bit. A fully charged pad, pre-loaded with the appropriate “Elfie” will make this electronic tablet his favorite gift. Of course, any Elf worth her pom-poms will set the lock screen to a puzzle he has to figure out. Price range from $200 to $600.

Candy – No need to be fancy – pick his favorite from Snickers to Mars bars. All of you overachieving Elves can work a bit harder and find a collection of classic candies he would have sampled as a child or you can consider exotic chocolates from your local Chocolatier. The possibilities can be wonton and endless and definitely not just for chicks. Price range from 50 cents to $50.

Oil Change Gift Certificate – Yes, even real car guys don’t like to change their own oil. Regardless of age having their vehicle’s oil changed – BY SOMEONE ELSE – is like going to the spa for a woman. Whether it’s a single service or a full year – an auto service certificate is pampering for your guy’s second favorite “Baby.” Price range from $34 to $200.


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