That Car Lady gives vehicle tips to beat the heat with vehicle maintenance

Though it is never a part of any daily plan, preparing for the breakdown of an automobile is one of the most necessary precautions that an individual can take, especially during the hot summer months in Texas. According to Lynn Beckwith, of Beckwith’s Car Care in Humble, there are actions that one can take to prevent vehicle breakdown and keep themselves from being stranded on the side of the road.

“There are a lot of battery issues in Texas,” said Beckwith. “The average life of a car battery is 33 months but the summer heat in Texas can be really hard on a battery. You should always pay a little extra for a good car battery — go with a good brand that is going to get you to at least the 33-month mark.”

Beckwith admits that modern technology has decreased the amount of automobile breakdowns, but there are always things to be aware of to keep your car running smoothly.

According to Beckwith, who spoke at the June 17 meeting of the Cleveland Lions Club, tires are one of the biggest and most frequent reasons that individuals are left stranded on roads and highways across the country. Among her tips for keeping your tires safe is to make sure that the tires on your vehicle are always inflated with the appropriate amount of air pressure.

It is also important to pay attention to the gradual wear and tear of tires, as uneven tire wear can be hazardous to drivers.

In the intense heat of the summer, cooling system failures also run rampant throughout the state of Texas, as the vehicle’s cooling system must work harder to prevent the engine from overheating.

“Antifreeze is very important and it does more than prevent freezing,” said Beckwith. “It also keeps the pH balance of the car and helps prevent corrosion. It is recommended that you change it every two years or 30,000 miles.”

Advances in automobile technology have also allowed drivers to go longer without a required tune-up, according to Beckwith, as many manufacturers have extended the recommended tune-up schedule.

“It is very rare that you see a vehicle that even needs spark plugs as often anymore,” said Beckwith. “You can now go much longer without a tune-up than you could in the past, however, it is still important that you make sure to get them. If you want to drive your car longer, you have to commit to a more rigorous maintenance schedule.”

Lions Club member Beverly Eriks addressed Beckwith following her presentation to thank her for her informative speech, as well as to say, “I now have my list of exactly what I’m going to need to do to my car.”

For more information on Beckwith’s Car Care, or for tips on maintaining your vehicle, visit Lynn Beckwith’s web page at Beckwith also hosts a variety of popular radio shows on auto care, including the Auto MOJO Radio Show on KPRC 950 AM, on Saturday mornings from 6 to 8 a.m.

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