The Dealer Myth

Dear Lynn,

I own a 2013 Acura. The dealership told me that I have to take my car to them to keep the warranty valid. It is both inconvenient and expensive to go there. Plus, I never get to talk with the same person about my car. Can I bring my car to you and still keep my warranty protected?




Yes! The great news is that you can have your vehicle serviced at your choice of establishment or even perform the maintenance work yourself in your driveway. Always be sure to use quality components that meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and save the receipts. Be sure to do the recommended maintenance on schedule.


In 1975 the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act was passed to guarantee that you can have your vehicle serviced wherever you wish and the vehicle manufacturer still has to stand behind their warranty. Quality independent repair facilities, such as Beckwith’s Car Care, Freedom Automotive and all of The Car Counselor sponsor shops will have access to the manufacturer’s service data and will use products that meet or exceed requirements. Plus, you get the added benefit of working with service professionals who really care about you and car. We are not looking forward to selling you a new car, rather we take pride in servicing vehicles and getting the maximum mileage possible from them.


Whenever you are performing maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, regardless of its age or warranty level, it is always best to use the highest quality chemicals and parts that are available. Your friendly service writer at Beckwith’s Car Care and Freedom Automotive will help you navigate the complex world of automotive parts so that you can select the part that fits your vehicle and also fits your budget.


For a long time, people have asked about what type of shop they should use. Establishing a relationship with an independent repair facility is a lot like having a good doctor. By getting to know your vehicle and also, the way you like to approach your vehicle repairs and maintenance we are able to keep you driving safe and dependably for many miles. With proper maintenance, it is very common for our customers to keep their vehicles running for over 200,000 miles.


Record keeping becomes very important if you were to have a warranty situation. So, use an independent repair facility that keeps computerized records. Beckwith’s Car Care customers have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week online access to all of their maintenance and repair records. Additionally, our professional service advisors are always happy to help you review and plan your vehicle needs by developing personalized maintenance plans and even helping you navigate warranty repairs at the dealership if needed.


Remember that proper vehicle maintenance includes more than just oil changes.


Whether you perform your own maintenance in your driveway or use certified professionals remember to always use quality fluids and parts.


Wishing you miles and miles of happy driving,



Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady, KPRC 950AM


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