Toyota Investing Millions Into Advanced Technology While Maintaining Their Focus On Driver Enjoyment and Independence

Using phrases like “advanced driving support” and “the innate joy to control a vehicle” the top executives of the worlds largest car company reveal their plans to invest 50 Million into new advanced driving technology over the next 5 years.  Today Senior Managing Officer, Kiyotaka Ise announced Toyota’s partnership with MIT and Stanford and the positioning  of Dr. Gill Prat of Darpa notoriety as Toyota’s Executive Technical Adviser. Toyota announced a renewed focus on the technologies that will lead to a more autonomous or assisted driving experience.

With the collaboration of Dr Prat and renowned university research teams Toyota is committed to combining technology and artificial intelligence in a manner that will improve safety and still preserve a drivers’ own autonomy. They are pushing to “design humans” into the new technology and preserve the joy and independence that today’s driver’s desire.

Driving is a joy that I’m not ready to give up, so I’m excited to hear of Toyota’s focus on preserving our driving experience! – Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady

With over a million people dying every year in car accidents Toyota is focused on technology that will improve safety. With an aging population in both Japan and the United States Toyota is working to enable and develop systems that will help keep keys in driver’s hands, improve mobility and still protect driver’s with enhanced autonomous safety features.

Dr. Prat’s focus on how vehicles are “incredibly fun to drive, most of the time,” demonstrates the Toyota’s plans to assist drivers while maintaining a classic and “fun” driving experience.

Toyota’s connectivity systems are currently well designed at the fundamental level, but lack easy integration with voice recognition and intuitive functions. I’m hopeful that with the robotics and research experience being pulled in from MIT and Stanford and the leadership of Dr. Prat, Toyota is positioned to progress quickly.  – Lynn Beckwith, That Car Lady








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