Road Trip for Early October, Fair on the Square

Huntsville Texas Fair On The Square

Grab your sunglasses and your favorite tunes! It is time to climb in the car and head to one of my favorite cities, Huntsville, Texas. This quick venture is an easy day trip that requires no advance planning. Huntsville is a really short drive from most Houston area locations and this weekend is a great time to head that way …


Is it bad to top off your tank?


Is it bad to top off your tank? Yes. Ok, I am done. Just take my word for it, you don’t want to top off your tank. Well fine, I can give you some reasons. Actually the newest, most shocking reason that I just ran across is because topping off your tank can cause CANCER! For years we have know …


4 Simple Things To Help Keep Your Old Car Running Great

Checking brake fluid level in car.

Cars don’t break as much as they used to and that is great news because we can keep them a lot longer with less worries than ever before. Here are four simple things that you can do to help keep your old car running for a really long time and avoid costly repairs. Back when there were still full service gas …


Why Does Heat Hurt My Car Battery?

The report today from That Car Lady at Beckwith’s Car Care is on car batteries and why they die and how we can keep them lasting longer. Almost all of us have climbed into our car to find that it simply won’t start, and the most common problem is that the car battery is dead.  Oddly enough, most batteries here …


As Vehicle Technology Teeters on the Boring Side, Cell Phones and Computers Can Rock Your Ride!

While probably not a common selection, the first artist I entered into Pandora on my Droid was Neil Young.  I actually was not thrilled with Neil’s music the first time that I heard him years ago. Like many things in life he is an acquired taste that I gained along with a whole slew of amazing memories when I was …


Are Gear Heads A Thing Of The Past?

  Are cars loosing their edge compared with computers and communications?  Tune in all week for updates on the changing face of technology in your vehicle.