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Buy a Jeep, Rent a Jeep, Subscribe to Jeep

While it seems odd to us old timers, demand has risen for revolutionary new vehicle ownership programs. Jeep announced a new subscription service that will debut in 2019. BMW, CAdillac, Hyundai,Porsche and Volvo have similar programs. Jeep is rolling out the newest way to drive a Jeep…well, actually a new way to drive more than one Jeep as part of their existing Jeep Wave owner loyalty program.

Similar to some of the other programs the Jeep Wave will even cover your insurance costs. Consumers have become used to leasing or renting technology, especially in the cell phone market. As technology grows at exponential rates in the automobile industry it is not surprising to see the auto manufacturers follow suit.

There are three tiers of vehicles expected in the Jeep subscription line up – good, better and best. The three tiers will offer different levels of vehicles and also different insurance options.

FCA’s commitment to grow its Jeep brand is evident in this new program, as well as, announcements that by 2022 Jeep’s lineup will include a pickup truck, a compact SUV and a three row SUV. While the Jeep brand is known for its 4×4 capability, FCA is even talking about a UUV, an urban utility vehicle that will not follow their off road model.

For us die hard automobile purchasers FCA is being creative with their borrowing program that will allow owners of specific models and trim levels borrow other FCA vehicles. The program would allow you to drive a Wrangler in the sand one weekend and perhaps borrow an Alfa Romeo or a Maserati for a summer road trip. This new program will expose loyal Jeep owners to FCA’s expansive product line.

This driver is anxious to hear details about pricing and contract longevity. In the meantime I’ll ramble along in the traditional Wrangler dreaming of taking some twisties in a Maserati.

wishing you miles and miles of happy driving,

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