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Why does my vehicle need an AGM battery?

Late model vehicles often come with an AGM battery straight from the factory. While battery prices have gone up across the board, AGM batteries can be particularly expensive. However, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace your battery with an AGM as there are several reasons why it’s beneficial to do so. While a traditional wet lead-acid battery will still power your vehicle, an AGM battery can provide better performance and longevity.

So, what does AGM stand for? AGM means absorbent glass mat and refers to the fine glass fiber separator between the positive and negative plates that helps absorb all the battery acid. AGM Batteries are advanced lead-acid batteries.

Keep in mind that your late model vehicle has large electrical requirements, especially in comparison to older vehicles where the battery did little more than start the car and power some lights. Today’s vehicles have countless modules that require almost constant power.

Your battery is more important to your vehicle than ever.

Advantages of the AGM battery

What are the advantages of the AGM battery? 

BIG REASON: AGMs charge up to 5 times faster than traditional wet style lead-acid batteries.

ANOTHER BIG REASON: AGMS offer a depth-o9fdischarge of 80 percent (traditional ones are at about 50 percent).

NOTE: This is very important as the charging system on newer vehicles frequently operates differently than older vehicles. In an attempt to improve fuel economy the charging system will disengage at times. This allows the engine to run more efficiently – however it may allow a traditional wet style Lead-Acid battery to discharge significantly and greatly reduce it’s life cycle.

AGM batteries have a very low internal resistance, are capable to deliver high currents on demand.

They also have a relatively long service life and can be deep-cycled more often than their lead acid cousin.

AGMs are maintenance free.

AGMS are lighter than traditional wet lead-acid batteries.

Batteries work the hardest in cold weather and AGMs stand up well in lower temperatures.

AGM battery short points:

  • Spill-proof through acid encapsulation in matting technology
  • High specific power, low internal resistance, responsive to load
  • Up to 5 times faster charge than with flooded technology
  • Better cycle life than with flooded systems
  • Water retention (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water)
  • Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction
  • Stands up well to cold temperature

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