CureFest 2012 comes to Humble Texas on July 28th

Colby, Phil and Misty Baumann who are fighting Phil

Please join me at CureFest 2012. Schedule a road trip from wherever and  join us at this all day long music festival with a cause. Please take a moment to read about my dear brother Phil whose determination is mobilizing an entire community! Inspiration. CureFest was hatched from the spirit and determination that we have seen in a local man, …


As Vehicle Technology Teeters on the Boring Side, Cell Phones and Computers Can Rock Your Ride!

While probably not a common selection, the first artist I entered into Pandora on my Droid was Neil Young.  I actually was not thrilled with Neil’s music the first time that I heard him years ago. Like many things in life he is an acquired taste that I gained along with a whole slew of amazing memories when I was …